Hares & Hyenas

Hares & Hyenas is a queer, alternative bookshop that doubles as a café and performance venue. A sense of subtle theatricality and sophistication is celebrated through details such as the 1920s embossed Thonet chairs and leather theatre seats salvaged from Gasworks Arts Park.

Additions include a new street press, community notice board and window exhibit, café seating, front-of-house, servery, food prep and kitchen and visual merchandising display, while still maintaining flexibility for the performance space.


Rowland Thomson and Crusader Hillis

Cantilever Interiors
YQ Photography

“We understand that what we have created here is far more than a bookshop. It’s a non threatening place of discovery, of identification, of connection with our community which is unlike many other outlets available. It’s a place of ideas and visuals. It’s a place of belonging. For a long time Hares and Hyenas has been a place where people meet up and get together.”

SameSame Magazine
Legendary Bookstore Opens Café

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